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Any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader living in Duval County, or any other county* in the state may apply for admission to SOS Academy


*However, in accordance with the school choice option, out of county students must follow the same application timeline as Duval county residents. "If the school still has any opening after giving priority to Duval County applicants, and waiting list students are called, remaining spots will be available to out of Duval County applicants in the order they applied in each grade level."

  • Enrollment information is placed on the school website, mailed in marketing information, sent home by current students and available at the school.
  • Parents wishing to enroll their child or children at SOS must do the following:
    • Submit a Completed application via on line, mail, or in person.
    • Parents may also call the school to receive and application and schedule an appointment
    • Once the school receives the application, an appointment will be scheduled
    • If there are no issues, at the conclusion of the interview, parents are told if student is accepted.
    • If issues do occur, parents are given every opportunity to make corrections, i.e., not having the proper paperwork.
  • If contractual or building capacity is met for any grade level, students will be placed on a “Waiting list” and a lottery system will be utilized for the next available seat. The availability status of seats continuously changes with enrollment/withdrawal changes


As per Florida Statute 1002.33, if a lottery is needed, it will be conducted as follows:
  • SOS does not discriminate against any student on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national or ethnic origin, marital status, disability or handicap, sexual orientation or any other legally protected class. All students who are eligible to apply shall be included in the student selection lottery, and have an equal chance of being selected.”
  • Student Preferences: The following students will be given a priority in the admission process under State law: Students who were enrolled with the organization the year before, incoming siblings of current students, students whose parents are staff members with the organization, students whose parents are on the Governing Board.
  • At each grade level to select students for enrollment if needed, a lottery would be conducted in a manner that ensures each eligible student receives an equal chance of being selected. Applicants will be selected in random order until all applications have been ordered. In order of selection (with no consideration of any applicable preference), applicants will be offered admission until all seats have been filled. The remaining students’ names will be placed on an ordered waiting list in which their name was selected.
  • SOS will establish a regular schedule for the random selection of applications and post this along with the enrollment schedule. The deadlines and process shall be clearly explained on the school’s website.
  • All completed applications received within the enrollment period up until the enrollment deadline will be included in the lottery. The number of openings will be determined based on the contractual limits of the Charter Contract, facility limits, and enrollment limits.
  • Parents will receive notification that they are being offered a position at the school following the student selection lottery. Parents will be given a deadline to respond to the school to confirm or decline the position at the school.
  • In the event that more students apply to the school than openings are available, the remaining students will be added to the waiting list in the rank order selected in the lottery process.
  • The school will maintain the waiting list, and any time an opening becomes available, the school will contact the next student on the waiting list to offer a position at the school to the family.
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