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Parents, please read all our policies and procedures and see that your child adheres to them.

All policies will be strictly enforced. Please check this page for updates and the latest policies.

Click on any link to see the full policy.



Because SOS Academy is a school of choice, ALL students are expected to be in 100% compliance with the uniform policy.  


  •  All students must wear uniform knit polo shirt in red, black or whiteembroidered with the school’s logo. 

  • Shirts must be purchased from our school uniform store located in Building #3 Room #304.

  • Girls must wear black or khaki skirt, skort, capri shorts or pants (knee length).  

  • Boys must wear uniform shorts or long pants in khaki or black.

  •  All students must wear closed-in shoes.  

  • Boys must always wear a belt with their pants up around the waist (patches are not acceptable to cover rips or holes).

  •  No leggings, jeggings, yoga pants.

  •  No head covering to include (unless for religious purposes): hats,bandannas, scarfs, bonnets, doo rags, etc… on campus (inside and outside)

  • No bedroom slippers and no slides of any kind.

  •  No picks or combs allowed. 

  • All jackets and sweaters must zip or button all the way up and down.

  • Pull over jackets and “hoodies” are not allowed.

  •  Backpacks – no stipulations.​

  •  All standard P.E. uniforms must be purchased from the school store.

  •  Students who are out of compliance with the uniform policy face the following consequences:
         o 1st Offense =  parent notified

         o 2nd Offense = 1 day ISSP (In School Suspension)
         o 3rd Offense = written referral, 1 day out of school suspension
         o  4th Offense = SOS Admission Contract violation and student will be in jeopardy of being                            dismissed from school.




School times are as follows:

9:00 AM -  4:15 PM – Monday, Tuesday, Full Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

9:00 AM - 2:15 PM – Every other Wednesday ( Early Release)

9:30 am - Parent must accompany student into school after 9:30 am.  Students will not be admitted to class without a parent. 

3rd  tardy = referral +  1day ISSP

4th  tardy = 2 days ISSP

5th tardy = 3 days ISSP

6th tardy = Out of School Suspension, 1 day




Students must arrive promptly before school start time. Students who arrive after school has started will be marked tardy. Please see the tardy policy for more details. The school times are as follows:

9:00 AM -  4:15 PM – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

9:00 AM - 2:15 PM – Every Other Wednesday

9:30 am - Parent must accompany student into school after 9:30 am.  Students will not be admitted to class without a parent. 


Monday, Tuesday, Full day Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday - NO DISMISSALS AFTER 3:45 pm

Parents if you need to pick up your child early on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday please do so

BEFORE 3:45 pm.

On Early dismissal Wednesday's  - NO DISMISSALS AFTER 1:45 PM

Parents, if you need to pickup up your child early on Wednesday’s please do so BEFORE 1:45 pm.  




The SOS Academy wellness policy is a modified form of the Duval County School District Wellness Plan You can read our wellness policy in its entirety below or access the district policy here.




Students currently in the sixth grade must receive the following vaccinations and provide the school with proof of vaccinations before they can attend the seventh grade. If a child has not received the required immunization, they will not be allowed to attend the seventh grade. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Tdap (1 dose) Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis

  • MMR (2 doses)

  • Polio (4 doses)

  • DTP/DTaP (5 doses)

  • Hepatitis B Series

  • Varicella vaccine (1 dose) OR signed proof of disease

Please visit your private medical doctor or the Duval County Health Department's Immunization Center located at 522 North Pearl Street (Phone: (904) 253-1452). Please take your child's complete immunization record with you when you go to obtain the vaccine.

Grievance Procedure
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